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Our History

Hexxcell Ltd. spun-off from Imperial College London in 2013 to deliver technology and services to industry in the area of advanced heat transfer and in particular crude oil fouling mitigation. Ever since, we have developed our technology in large scale multidisciplinary R&D projects in collaboration with oil majors and validated extensively on their plants. We are now an independent private company based in Central London and a proud team of chemical, mechanical and process systems engineers with deep domain knowledge of heat transfer, mathematical modelling, artificial intelligence and a knack for data science. 

We developed the world’s first hybrid digital twin model for predictive maintenance of industrial thermal systems which is used by refineries and petrochemical plants worldwide to increase production, cut energy consumption and CO2 emissions, optimally manage operations and maintenance.


Hexxcell's clients include six of the top 10 International Oil Companies.


From fundamental science to software development​, Hexxcell capabilities and expertise covers a vast range. Specific areas of expertise include:

  • Deep fundamental knowledge of:

    • Single and two-phase heat transfer

    • Mathematical modelling and optimisation methods

    • Fouling deposition for various systems 

    • Heat exchanger design

  • Development, deployment and use of digital technology:

  • Advanced process systems modelling capabilities for various systems (beyond heat transfer):

    • Data reconciliation, cleansing and visualisation

    • Development of first principle and semi-empirical models of various process operations

    • Artificial intelligence

    • Hybrid models

  • Modelling platform with integrated capabilities for flexible connectivity to various data sources

  • Industrial software development

Why Hexxcell?

  • We are global experts in Heat Transfer:

    • We analysed millions of heat exchanger data points from >20 sites all over the world in the past 8 years

    • We have a track record of delivering impact with heat transfer projects to our global clients

    • We combine first-principle models and artificial intelligence to solve complex heat transfer problems

  • We specialize in heat exchanger fouling:

    • We literally “wrote the book” on Crude Oil Fouling and authored over 50 publications in the field

    • We have a specialised team dedicated to understanding and mitigating fouling in heat exchangers

    • We have demonstrated ability to help refineries troubleshoot fouling related problems in heat exchangers

  • We have proprietary software and know how:

    • Our technology has been developed with extensive industrial input and successfully applied in several projects

    • Our models have been validated for their predictive abilities with industrial data and used to monitor, predict, manage and mitigate fouling in the field

  • We work with you to support your digitalisation efforts with a practical approach to produce long-lasting positive impact in your organisation​:

    • We have extensive experience working in large scale digitalization projects with client teams across R&D, Engineering and Operations

    • Our clients praise us for our flexible approach and our sharp focus on customer success

    • We work together with your teams to deliver value to your company whether this is via ad-hoc consultancy, regular monitoring services or software supply

Explore our solutions:

Advanced Analytics: Fouling Propensity Analysis™

Advanced analytics to unveil key correlations between operating parameters, crude slates and fouling behaviour

Equipment Design: Dynamic Retrofit Test™

A predictive approach to test performance of a proposed retrofit design

Advanced Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance
Advanced Heat Exchanger Monitoring

•Assessment of fouling costs

•Monitor refinery pre-heat trains performance

•Best cleaning scheduling

•Optimise flow splits

•HEX bypass management

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