Hybrid-AI Digital Twins for Industrial Thermal Systems

We combine Artificial Intelligence (AI) with physics-based models and deep domain knowledge to monitoring, design and maintenance of heat exchanger networks.​

Unlock the full potential of your plant with Hybrid-AI technology.

Our Customers

Our Customers include large oil&gas majors, petrochemical companies, process plants, equipment manufacturers and service providers. Some of the companies that have saved MM$ and MMtons of CO2 using our technology and/or services:

Customer testimonials

Hexxcell Hybrid Digital Twins enabled Repsol refineries saving millions of Euros in fuel consumption and production losses.

Manuel Martinez-Tafalla Lopez

Operations Manager and Digital Product Manager Owner Repsol

“After a rigorous validation of the mathematical models underlying the Hexxcell technology, we implemented Hexxcell Hybrid Digital Twin advanced monitoring and predictive maintenance solution for our crude pre-heat train. This has led to an overall increase in energy efficiency, allowing the refinery to save fuel, CO2 emission and avoid production losses.”

Roland Cziferszky

Senior Profitability Engineer OMV

Implementing Hexxcell Studio™ in daily operations has brought significant benefits to the OMV Petrobrazi Refinery. We can now make operational and maintenance decisions based on rigorous calculations and quantitative information, as opposed to experience or limitations of in-house spreadsheet calculations.

Calin Melinte

Manager, Process Engineering Department Petrom

We found Hexxcell Studio™ to be a valuable tool for anyone wanting to better manage their heat exchanger cleaning actions.”

Roberto Tomotaki

Heat Exchanger Advisor, Clean As New

We are global experts in Heat Transfer

We worked on several projects with our global customers, analysing millions of heat exchanger data from sites all over the world. We have a track record of delivering impact with heat transfer projects to our global clients.

The best choice for heat exchanger fouling predictions and mitigation

We literally “wrote the book” on Crude Oil Fouling and authored over 50 peer-reviewed publications in the field. We have a specialised team dedicated to understanding and mitigating fouling in heat exchangers. We have demonstrated ability to help refineries troubleshoot fouling related problems in heat exchangers.

We have proprietary software and know how

Our technology has been developed with extensive industrial input and successfully applied in several projects. Our models have been validated for their predictive abilities with industrial data and used to monitor, predict, manage and mitigate fouling in the field.

We have customer-oriented approach

We have extensive experience working in small and large scale digitalization projects with client teams across R&D, Engineering and Operations. Our clients praise us for our flexible approach and our sharp focus on customer success. We work together with your teams to deliver value to your company whether this is via ad-hoc consultancy, regular monitoring services or software supply.


We have helped several plants to reach astonishing results thanks to the optimization regime implemented.

CO2 emissions cut in one 130,000 barrels per day
>4 mln €
Saved in a year 
in fuel alone

Proven Results

We have helped several plants to reach astonishing results thanks to the optimization regime implemented.

CO2 emissions cut
Production increase
MM$ 4
Fuel savings in a 130,000 bbl/day refinery
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