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Advanced Monitoring, Predictive Analytics and

Prescriptive Maintenance for Industrial Heat Transfer Systems

We combine Artificial Intelligence (AI) with physics-based models and deep domain knowledge to monitoring, design and maintenance of heat exchanger networks.

Our hybrid digital twins deliver increased production, improved energy efficiency, reduced maintenance requirements and GHG emissions.

Industry Proven Technology for Predictive Maintenance of Heat Exchangers


Hexxcell Studio™ is the world's first hybrid digital twin for predictive maintenance of industrial heat transfer equipment and is used by Plant Personnel, Maintenance Engineers, Energy Efficiency Analysts and Heat Transfer Specialists around the world to predictively assess the thermal and hydraulic impact of fouling in heat

exchangers, to devise mitigation strategies and optimally manage cleaning schedules and flow split operations.​


Our comprehensive software framework integrates AI and deterministic models in hybrid digital twins for monitoring, design and predictive maintenance of heat exchangers and their networks in a unified platform.


 Hexxcell’s proprietary technology, originally developed at Imperial College London, is powered by the state-of-the-art software Hexxcell Studio™ which enables the prediction of fouling in industrial heat exchangers.


Hexxcell offers a variety of solutions helping customers digitise operations in the Industry 4.0 era.

These include advanced heat exchanger monitoring and operations improvement, crude oil fouling testing services and much more. 




We spun out from Imperial College in 2013, we are now an independent private company based in London

Our History

We bring digital disruption to design, monitoring and maintenance of  industrial thermal systems

Our Mission

We are a team of passionate engineers with a knack for heat transfer, data science and programming


Our customers include 6 of the top IOC and have saved MM$ and MMtons of CO2 using our technology


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