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Data is a great asset to operating companies, and is key in order to optimize operations and maintenance. However, making sense of plant data is not easy when measurements errors process noise and physical properties uncertainties come into play. Enter Hexxcell advanced analytics solutions, specifically designed to filter, reconcile and provide detailed insights into the thermo-hydraulic performance of thermal systems.

These include Hexxcell Dynamic Data Analysis™ which uses historical plant data to provide deeper insight into the thermo-hydraulic and fouling behaviour of heat exchangers than previously possible and Hexxcell Fouling Propensity Analysis™ which provides a detailed analysis of the correlations between feedstock processed (e.g. crude oil blends), fouling rates and operating conditions to diagnose causes of fouling and provide operating guidelines to mitigate it.

Explore our solutions:

Advanced Analytics: Fouling Propensity Analysis™


Advanced analytics to unveil key correlations between operating parameters, crude slates and fouling behaviour

Equipment Design: Dynamic Retrofit Test™


A predictive approach to test performance of a proposed retrofit design

Advanced Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance

  • Assessment of fouling costs

  • Monitor heat exchanger network performance

  • Identify best cleaning scheduling

  • Optimise flow splits

  • Bypass management

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