Predictive and prescriptive maintenance

Enabling the journey from reactive and preventative maintenance to a predictive and prescriptive approach requires accurate predictions of fouling, robust data reconciliation algorithms and an easy to use software platform. Enter Hexxcell’s predictive and prescriptive maintenance solutions.

Periodic cleaning is a common and often necessary strategy to maintain the performance of heat exchangers over long operation runs. However, deciding which heat exchanger to clean, when to clean it and how to clean it (e.g. mechanically or chemically) is a non-obvious task which often relies on past experience and simplistic performance indicators rather than being condition-based and driven by economic optimisation and operational constraints.
Hexxcell Solution
With Hexxcell Studio™ heat exchanger maintenance is optimised with proprietary algorithms and evaluate trade-offs between downtime, cost of maintenance, cost of fuel and loss in production to identify optimal cleaning methods (e.g. mechanical, chemical, thermal) to be used. An optimal cleaning schedule is generated informing the plant personnel on the optimal time to clean, which heat exchanger (or combination of heat exchangers) to clean, how long to clean it for and which method to use.
Key Benefits
Generation and visualisation of optimal cleaning scheduling with various KPIs (e.g. Energy, Economic):
- Which heat exchangers to clean and when to clean them
- How to clean it (mechanically, chemically, thermally)
- Clean today: best exchanger to clean today
- Clean on opportunity: best exchanger to clean during a shutdown

Simulation of cleaning actions including different types (pre-defined and user-defined): e.g. mechanical, chemical, thermal

Optimal operation of flow split in combination with cleaning actions
End Users
- Unit engineers
- Energy and Profitability analysts
- Process Engineers/Simulation groups
Case Studies
- Repsol