Advanced analytics and predictive monitoring

Data is one of the greatest assets for operating companies and is key to optimise operations and maintenance. However, making sense of plant data is not easy when measurements errors process noise and physical properties uncertainties come into play.

Enter Hexxcell advanced analytics and predictive monitoring solutions, specifically designed to filter, reconcile and provide detailed insights into the thermo-hydraulic performance of thermal systems.

Proprietary AI-based filtering and advanced data reconciliation
Hexxcell Dynamic Data Analysis™ (DDA™) uses historical plant data to provide deeper insights than previously possible into the thermo-hydraulic and fouling behaviour of heat exchangers. Using proprietary AI data filtering procedures and advanced data reconciliation procedures DDA™ estimate values of missing measurements, reduce noise in the data and flag issues with sensors which would be very difficult to unveil otherwise. This keeps operators always aware of current field operations.
Fouling Propensity Analysis™
Thanks to the detailed and reliable information provided by DDA™, Hexxcell Fouling Propensity Analysis™ can unveil correlations between key operating parameters, feedstock processed (e.g. crude oil blends) and performance variables. As a result, it is possible to gain insights into non-obvious interactions, diagnose causes of fouling and provide operating guidelines to mitigate it.
Fouling Predictions
Hexxcell Studio™ predicts future performance based on production plans and warns ahead of time of possible issues. What-if studies can also be performed to find alternative operating modes that avoid losses in production and optimise plant performance.
Advanced Performance Monitoring Dashboard
Hexxcell Studio™ Advanced Performance Monitoring Dashboard provides unprecedented insights into Heat Exchangers and Heat Exchanger Networks thermo-hydraulic performance, presenting them in easy-to-understand Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
End Users
  • Unit/Production Engineers
  • Energy and Profitability analysts
  • Process Engineers/Simulation groups
  • Heat Transfer Engineers