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Hexxcell Sponsors IMEchE's Seminar on Fouling in Heat Exchangers

Organised by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and Chaired by our CEO, Francesco Coletti, this live online seminar, to eb held on 30th November 2021, will investigate the design, operation, and maintenance of Heat Exchangers, with particular emphasis on fouling mechanisms and mitigation solutions.

The programme includes the following presentations:

  1. Fouling in the Food Industry, Professor Peter Fryer, FREng, University of Birmingham

  2. Biofouling: Life inside Heat Exchangers, Professor Luis Melo, Professor Emeritus, Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto

  3. Fouling of heat exchangers in thermal desalination and its impact on overall performance, Iqbal M Mujtaba, Associate Dean (Learning & Teaching), Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Bradford

  4. Numerical modelling of wax deposition and removal processes within crude oil systems, Mirco Magnini, Assistant Professor, University of Nottingham

  5. Effects of fouling mitigation of preheat train on energy efficiency of crude oil distillation, Dr. CB Panchal, President and Chemical Engineer, E3Tec Service LLC

  6. Fouling mitigation in Re-boilers, Dr. Blazo Ljubicic, Consultant, Heat Transfer Research Inc.

  7. Anti-fouling coatings: a critical review and development roadmap, Simone Mancin, Associate Professor, Nano Heat Transfer Lab, University of Padova

  8. Digital technologies for fouling monitoring, prediction and prescriptive maintenance, Dr. Francesco Coletti, CEO Hexxcell Ltd. and Member, IMechE Thermofluids Group

  9. Cleaning of heat exchangers: improving the quality and efficiency of high-pressure water jetting, Hans Borgt, Global Technical Associate Industrial Cleaning, The Dow Chemical Company

For more information and registration:

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