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Hexxcell presence at AIChE Spring Meeting 2020

We have a couple of very busy days at the Topical on Heat Exchangers, chaired by our CEO, Francesco Coletti as a part of the 2020 AIChE Spring Meeting!

On Tuesday, August 17, Emilio Diaz Bejarano, Head of R&D and Consulting, will give a presentation on "Condition-based Cleaning Models for Industrial Heat Exchangers" in collaboration with Dow, Altena Group and Thermo Clean Group. This will be followed by a joint presentation with E3Tech Service on "Monitoring-Based Fouling Mitigation in Crude Unit Preheat Trains Using Lab and Field Fouling Units" delivered by E3Tech's President, Dr. CB Panchal.

The follwing day, Wednesday, August 18th, Francesco Coletti will be part of the F&PD Executive panel "Plant of the Future" where he will outline the importance of predictive analytics and prescriptive maintenance for the safety, profitability and sustainability of future process plants. Finally, the day will be closed off by another technical presentation, this time in collaboration with Repsol, by Emilio Diaz Bejarano on the use of predictive monitoring and prescriptive maintenance to help decision making in refinery turnarounds.

Join us at the 2020 AIChE Spring Meeting!

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