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Hexxcell at CERAWeek in Houston, TX

Hexxcell has been invited to present its technology as a part of the Agora showcase at CERAWeek held in Houston, TX on 5-9 March 2017.

CERAWeek is the premier annual international gathering of energy industry leaders, experts, government officials and policymakers, leaders from the technology, financial, and industrial communities – and energy technology innovators.

Francesco Coletti, Hexxcell's CTO, presented a talk "Innovation by design: Engineering heat transfer for refinery energy efficiency" discussing how Hexxcell's technology is helping oil refiners to manage, mitigate and prevent fouling in their heat exchangers.

Hexxcell is grateful for the support of the UK Government and the Foreign &Commonwealth Office to attend the event. The occasion was marked by a breif meeting with Jesse Norman, UK Minister for Industry and Energy who wanted to learn more about Hexxcell's technology.

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