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Hexxcell technology presented at AIChE Spring Meeting

A number of presentations at the 2016 edition of the American Institution of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) Spring Meeting in Houston (TX) discussed Hexxcell's technology.

In particular, "Consider Thermal and Hydraulic Impacts of Fouling in Crude Preheat Exchanger Design", presented at the "Fouling and Corrosion session" highlighted the limitations of existing heat exchanger design methodologies and the importance of considering pressure drop data to predict the impact of fouling. The presentation featured Hexxcell Studio™ and showed how its advanced thermo-hydrulic model for refinery heat exchangers and can be used, combined to its model-based parameter estimation capabilities, to evaluate key fouling parameters and predict future heat exchanger performance.

The abstract of the presentation is available on the AIChE website.

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