From fundamental science to software development​, Hexxcell capabilities and experitse covers a vast range.

Specific areas of expertise include:

  • Deep fundamental knowledge of:

    • Single and two-phase heat transfer

    • Mathematical modelling and optimisaiton methods

    • Fouling deposition for various systems 

    • Heat exchanger design

  • Development, deployment and use of digital technology:

  • Advanced process systems modelling capabilities for various systems (beyond heat transfer):

    • Data reconciliation, cleansing and visualisation

    • Developemnt of first principle and semi-empirical models of various process operations

    • Artificial intelligence

    • Hybrid models

  • Modelling platform with integrated capabilities for flexible connectivity to various data sources

  • Industrial software development

Hexxcell Studio™ – Accurate prediction of fouling in refinery heat exchangers

Hexxcell Studio™ is a comprehensive software framework that integrates solutions for monitoring, design and retrofit analysis of heat exchangers and their networks in a unified platform.

Hexxcell Studio™ incorporates the most advanced mathematical model available in industry for the simulation, design and optimisation of a multi–pass shell–and–tube heat exchanger undergoing crude oil fouling. It is also implemented in a user-friendly flowsheeting environment that provides a consistent, robust and flexible system for the solution of engineering heat transfer fouling problems at all stages, from R&D to operations support.

Hexxcell Studio™ has proven useful in assessing the economic impact of fouling, predicting its behaviour in the future, guiding operations to mitigate it and identifying retrofit design opportunities.







Explore our solutions:

Advanced Analytics: Fouling Propensity Analysis™

Advanced analytics to unveil key correlations between operating parameters, crude slates and fouling behaviour

Equipment Design: Dynamic Retrofit Test™ 

A predictive approach to test performance of a proposed retrofit design

Advanced Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance

•Assessment of fouling costs

•Monitor refinery pre-heat trains performance

•Best cleaning scheduling

•Optimise flow splits

•HEX bypass management

Advanced Heat Exchanger Monitoring