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 Advanced Analytics for Industrial Thermal Systems

Over the years, Hexxcell has developed specialised algorithm to analyse process data of thermal systems. Hexxcell Dynamic Data Analysis™ and Fouling Propensity Analysis™ provide unprecedented insights and actionable information to improve long-term energy efficiency performance, reduce downtime and decarbonise thermal processes.

Dynamic Data Analysis™

Hexxcell Dynamic Data Analysis™ is a detailed analysis, powered by Hexxcell Studio™, that uses historical plant data to provide deeper insight into the thermo-hydraulic and fouling behaviour of heat exchangers than previously possible.


It allows unveiling key correlations between operating parameters, crude slates and fouling behaviour.​

Key benefits

  1. Assessment of:

    • Measurements quality

    • Thermo-hydraulic performance

    • Economic impact of fouling

    • Efficiency of cleaning action

  2. Identification of:

    • Key HEXs for performance improvement

    • Opportunities for improvement

  3. Diagnostics of fouling causes and detection of changes in behaviour (e.g. inorganic breakthrough)

  4. Impact of operations on fouling rates:

    • Antifoulants

    • Bypasses

    • Flow splits

    • Revamps

Fouling Propensity Analysis™

Hexxcell Fouling Propensity Analysis™ uses advanced data analytics to provide a detailed analysis of the correlation between oils processed, fouling rates and operating conditions.

Key benefits

  1. Identification of:

    • Correlation between fouling rates, oil/blend physical properties and basic chemistry

    • Problematic oils (i.e. related to high fouling rates)

    • Beneficial oils (i.e. related to negative fouling rates)

  2. Diagnosis of past acute fouling episodes:

    • Oil slate vs. conditions

    • HEXs in which oils are problematic

    • Operating conditions at which oils are problematic

  3. Recommendations on:

    • Development of blending guidelines with plant data

    • Future processing

    • Further lab-testing


See also:

Equipment Design: Dynamic Retrofit Test™ 


A predictive approach to test performance of a proposed retrofit design

Advanced Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance

  • Assessment of fouling costs

  • Monitor heat exchanger network performance

  • Identify best cleaning scheduling

  • Optimise flow splits

  • Bypass management

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