Digital Transformation


Traditional heat exchangers maintenance philosophies are time-based or "preventative": assets are cleaned at specified time intervals (e.g. at turnaround) or, at best, cleaning decisions are made based on simple, potenitally misleading) monitoring indicators (e.g. fouling resistance). This approach is not only sub-optimal and leaves significant econmic opprtunities on the table but it can also result in selecting the wrong action to take, leading to ineffective cleanings and costly remedial actions to be taken (e.g. clean again the same unit!).


At Hexxcell, we enable your digital transformation journey from a preventative approach to a predictive one whereby future operational issues (e.g. production loss) are detected in advance and corrective actions or optimisation opportunities and are suggested to operators. 


Even further, we enable a Prescriptive approach where we indicate not only when to take a certain cleaning action and for whcih heat exchanger, but aslo what cleaning action to take (e.g. mechanical, chemical or thermal cleaning).


Cleaning actions are performed at regular intervals


Clean before loss in production, hitting furnace limits etc.


Select Mechanical, Chemical, Thermal, cleaning


Cleaning action and duration are a function of the asset state

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Advanced Analytics: Fouling Propensity Analysis™

Advanced analytics to unveil key correlations between operating parameters, crude slates and fouling behaviour

Equipment Design: Dynamic Retrofit Test™ 

A predictive approach to test performance of a proposed retrofit design

Advanced Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance
Advanced Heat Exchanger Monitoring

•Assessment of fouling costs

•Monitor refinery pre-heat trains performance

•Best cleaning scheduling

•Optimise flow splits

•HEX bypass management