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Advanced analytics and predictive maintenance of industrial heat transfer systems for energy efficiency improvements

Fouling Propensity Analysis™

Ever wanted to now the fouling propensity of the oil processed in your refinery? 

Fouling Propensity Analysis™ leverages Hexxcell's advanced data analytics capabilities to unveil key correlations between fouling behaviour, crude slates and operating parameters.

Hexxcell's clients include five of the top ten International Oil Companies

The power of thermo-hydraulic fouling predictions

Hexxcell Studio™ enables heat transfer engineers to predict the thermal and hydraulic impact of fouling in heat exchangers.


The comprehensive software framework integrates solutions for monitoring, design and retrofit analysis of heat exchangers and their networks in a unified platform.



Hexxcell Ltd. is a spin-off company from Imperial College London, launched in 2013 to deliver technology and services to industry in the area of advanced heat transfer, in particular crude oil fouling.  


Hexxcell’s technology has been developed in several large scale multidisciplinary R&D projects in collaboration with oil majors and validated extensively on their refineries.

Hexxcell's clients include five of the top ten International Oil Companies.



Hexxcell Ltd. offers a variety of services to the oil and gas and process industry. These include advanced heat exchanger monitoring and operations improvement, crude oil fouling testing services and much more. 



 Hexxcell’s proprietary technology, developed at Imperial College London, is powered by the state-of-the-art software Hexxcell Studio™ which enables the prediction of fouling in industrial heat exchangers.

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